PFLAG & Ethnic LGBT+

This morning Ethnic LGBT+ had the honour of sitting down with Shelley Argent, National Spokesperson for PFLAG Australia, to work on reaching Ethnic LGBT+ to encourage them to share their stories. We talked about the challenges faced by those in the LGBT+ space and how together we can support each other in this journey. We came up with 10 questions that we will be asking people in this space, please feel free to respond to these questions in the contact page of this website.

  1. What was your main concern about telling your parents?
  2. Was their reaction as you expected – and what was that?
  3.  Do your parents think it’s a phase? Do they expect that you will still marry?
  4. How does being LGBTIQ affect your cultural identity?
  5. Has the relationship changed between you and your family, if so for better or worse?
  6. If it went bad initially, have you tried to build bridges and was it successful?
  7. Did you have resources or another family member with you, when telling family?
  8. Do you feel able to now talk to family about your life and friends?
  9. What tips would you give to others from your culture who are beginning their journey?
  10. What do you need your family to understand?



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