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Vyvyen Wong – Cairns LGBTIQ+ Pioneer – My Story

It was a bright, sunny morning along a tropical Queensland Road as I drove from Babinda Boulders to James Cook University Campus in Cairns. Passing the sugar cane trains with their little trolleys full of sugar cane mulch, the ocean to my right and the Great Dividing Range on my left. It was the beginning […]

“It does get better” – a story of courage by a young South American man

Hi there. This is my story, and it is intertwined with my personal struggle with mental health issues.


Coming out was the most challenging process I have ever experienced and continue to experience. Firstly, it is a process.

My coming out letter

I tried coming out to my parents in person at age 17 and 22. Both times were inexplicably hard.

Fearlessness – what does it mean to you?

The theme of Sydney’s 2019 Mardi Gras is FEARLESSNESS. I was curious as to what this word meant for Ethnic LGBTIQA+ people. Personally, fear has played a large part in my narrative. It was fear that kept me in the closet for so long. Fear that caused my parent’s to react the way they did. […]

What happens when you don’t see yourself in the law

On Jan 22, 2019, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Attorney-General’s (AG) Department in Canberra on what my experiences have been as a queer South African Indian Australian woman social entrepreneur. I wanted to really highlight to the Department the dangers inherent to not recognising the importance of intersectionality in policy development. I was […]

How is the marriage equality debate affecting you as an Ethnic LGBT+ Australian?

There is an unspoken tension between my parents and I in my Indian household as Australia’s postal vote on legalising same-sex marriage is delivered into our mailbox.

Ethnic? CALD? POC?

In the expression of culture, language is a fundamental aspect. It is the tool that conveys traditions and values related to group identity.

Where are you from or Where are you a local?

I am often asked, 'Where are you from?' or 'Where are you originally from?'. With my brown skin, black hair, brown eyes and Australian-South African accent, many people are curious of my origin.

Coming out or inviting people in?

Coming out tends to be a really narrow way of looking at sexuality and thinking about coming into your sexuality.

When are you going to get married?

What to do when relatives continue to ask you, 'But when are you going to get married?!'. A practical thought guide.

The Human Dignity Festival 2018 – Hong Kong

Ethnic LGBT+ is proud to be a primary supporter and co-convenor of the Human Dignity Festival 2018. From the 16th – 22nd of November Planet Ally, Ethnic LGBT+ and the Social Good Outpost are bringing together 7 phenomenal human rights leaders and activists from around the world to Hong Kong. Join us on the 70th […]

Living, loving, diversity conference in Melbourne aimed for Ethnic LGBTIQ communities

Melbourne | September 21-23 | 2018 Australia’s GLBTIQ Multicultural Committee (AGMC) are hosting their national conference centred on all things Ethnic LGBTIQ related, early bird registration closes this month (August) and the line up of Michael Ebeid, Roj Amedi, Patrick Abboud and Ben Law are guaranteed for interesting ideas and conversations. Spread the word. All […]

The marriage equality postal vote explained to Chinese communities

Please share and continue talking about the importance of equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, disability etc.

Articles for Ethnic LGBT+ individuals

The literature in Australia remains limited on the experiences of its culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)/Ethnic and sexual and gender diverse (LGBT+) population.

New podcast OPIA

I recently had the pleasure of sharing my story with OPIA Australia – a podcast sharing stories of women in healthy same-sex relationships.

PFLAG & Ethnic LGBT+

This morning Ethnic LGBT+ had the honour of sitting down with Shelley Argent, National Spokesperson for PFLAG Australia, to work on reaching Ethnic LGBT+ to encourage them to share their stories.

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