Ethnic LGBT+ is proud to be a primary supporter and co-convenor of the Human Dignity Festival 2018. From the 16th – 22nd of November Planet Ally, Ethnic LGBT+ and the Social Good Outpost are bringing together 7 phenomenal human rights leaders and activists from around the world to Hong Kong.

Join us on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to learn more, collaborate, connect and empower the next generation of activists and leaders.


Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th November
Leadership Forum
The HDF Leadership Forum will feature two days of inspiration, education, and hands-on challenges that will transform budding changemakers into tomorrow’s leaders of advocacy and positive change. Leaders representing communities across Hong Kong, will engage in intimate, tribal discussions on the advancement of human rights and dignity.

Inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the forum will examine the current status and realisation of rights and dignity in today’s world by facilitating dialogue focused on individual articles of the UDHR. 2018 marks an even more special occasion, as the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!

Additionally, the forum will also include a focus on:

— Genocide in history and the modern day

— Colonisation and decolonisation

— Climate refugees and justice

— Indigenous rights and minorities

— Youth issues

Register here to attend: Eventbrite Human Dignity Festival
Will be posting about key learnings on Ethnic LGBT+

Check out our 7 HDF Global Human Rights Defenders for 2018:

· Anis Akhtar, Blind and Intersex Activist (Sri Lanka/UK – Liverpool)
· Jaz Dawson, Director, Kaleidoscope Australia, Human Rights Foundation (Canada/Australia)
· Jennifer Kuwa Henshaw, LGBTIQ Feminist (Liberia)
· Amao Leota Lu, Performance Artist, (Australia/Samoa/NZ)
· Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil (India)
· Matcha Phorn-In, Gender and Indigenous Minorities Defender (Thailand)
· Soudeh Rad, Iranian queer feminist, research and activist (Paris, France)

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