The marriage equality postal vote explained to Chinese communities

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Explaining the marriage equality postal vote to Chinese communities

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English translation:

1. Chinese Values Strong Families
The “Yes” vote will allow for our strong Family values to be promoted whilst a “No” vote seeks to discriminate and divide. Remember – LGBTI persons are already a part of the Chinese Community! A vote for Yes will bring us closer as a community.

2. No-Voters are promoting discrimination
Remember Pauline Hanson? A strong supporter of the “no”-vote, in her first speech in parliament stated that Australia was being “swamped by Asians”. Her anti-immigration and anti-multicultural stance is based in fear, prejudice and discrimination. A vote of “NO” validates politicians with Anti-Asian sentiments.

3. The Chinese Community stands against discrimination
As a minority group, many Chinese Australians may have already experienced discriminations themselves in the context of the White Australia policy. We understand and remember that discrimination is often based on misunderstanding, fear, and prejudice. We remember our struggle in Australia to be recognised as equal citizens, the same way that LGBTI persons are struggling now. We should stand up for ALL whom suffer from discrimination, not just ourselves.

4. In Chinese History – the definition of Marriage already previously evolved – and for the better! Remember a time of our grandparents when a man could have many wives? We argue that society evolves for the better: more equality by redefining marriage.

5.Our Children deserve a Equal Society
People who are gay will identify that way regardless of the outcome of this Vote. Most gay people had straight parents. A more EQUAL society is safer for children because they will learn to be kind and tolerant, no matter what their race, gender, sexuality or social background.

6. This Vote is about legal change, separate from religion.
Many No supporters describe religious reasons for voting No. Regardless of our spirituality – many of us came to Australia and enjoy our freedom in this secular democratic country because of the separation of State and Church. We remember examples in Chinese history where influence between religion and government led to the erosion of individual rights.”

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