When are you going to get Married?

We have all been here. This dreaded question commonly posed by relatives to those they think are still single. How to navigate this question when you’re in a same-sex relationship unbeknown to the inquisitive family member?

First and foremost, remember it is YOUR life. You can share as much or as little of it as YOU want. You have no obligation to tell anyone you are not yet comfortable sharing your sexuality with.

The best response is to laugh this off. The person asking is more interested in their question and filling a role they feel they should play rather than your actual response. In fact, the considered respectful response may be to giggle and change the topic to something more socially acceptable to talk about such as your studies or job.

I know this may feel like a lame response to yourself. After all, you do have an amazing relationship with a special person who perhaps you fully intend to marry. Pick your battles, if it is important to you that the person asking knows this then trust your gut, back yourself and let them know. However, if it is not something you want to disclose than you don’t need to. This is your life and you choose when you want to let people in. Perhaps it wasn’t a good setting to let them know then but better to disclose one on one later. Choosing to not answer does not in anyway detract from who you are nor your relationship.

A human being is comprised of many aspects. We still love a person needing to only know their core traits of love, honestly, kindness and so forth. In the same way that do not know everything about your relatives, friends and still love them so too do they love you. The only person we end up knowing everything about is the person we spend our life with.

Interested to hear your thoughts on how you have/would respond to this question?

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